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Error on startup:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [3005], [1], [13145], [11812], [0], [0], [], [], [], [], [], []


ORA-00600 ([3005]) occurs due to a failure in the check for the start RBA of the online redo log files.

This can be caused by factors outside of Oracle such as an operating system or hardware crash; or during the recreation of the controlfile noresetlogs where online redo logs or threads has been omitted.


1.  Check the current state of datafiles and online redo logs

a.  Compare SCN (checkpoint_change#) from datafile headers:

select status,checkpoint_change#,checkpoint_time, resetlogs_change#, resetlogs_time, count(*), fuzzy from v$datafile_header
group by status,checkpoint_change#,checkpoint_time, resetlogs_change#, resetlogs_time, fuzzy;


b. with the online log files (first_change#):
col member form a60
select v1.thread#,, member, sequence#, first_change#, archived, v1.status from v$log v1, v$logfile v2 where;


NOTE: in most cases, the online redo log file will be the one with v1.status = CURRENT

2.  Run instance recovery manually

a.  Issue the command:

recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;


b.  when prompted, give it the full online redo log file name associated with the THREAD# suggested.  

c.  Oracle should return:

Log applied.
Media recovery complete.

3.  Open the database with resetlogs:
alter database open resetlogs;

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