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TPC-C  build options

Number of Warehouses

The Number of Warehouses is selected by a listbox. You should set this value to number of warehouses you have chosen for your test.


Virtual Users to Build Schema

The Virtual Users to Build Schema is the number of Virtual Users to be created on the Load Generation Server that will complete your multi-threaded schema build. You should set this value to either the number of warehouses you are going to create (You cannot set the number of virtual users lower than the number of warehouses value) or the number of cores/Hyper-Threads on your Load Generation Server. If you have a significantly larger core/Hyper-Thread count on your Database Server then also installing HammerDB locally on this server as well to run the schema build can take advantage of the higher core count to run the build more quickly.



TPM : transactions per minute

NOPM : new orders per minute